About Us

GC Music, Sound and Light was established in 1992, retailing Musical Instruments, PA and Lighting equipment. 
We have a long established reputation for installing quality PA systems and Lighting systems in to a wide variety of establishments from Churches and Village Halls to Large Holiday Complexes, venues and Retail Centres.
We also provide a small to medium-size hire business providing PA systems, Stage and Dancefloor lighting for anything from your children's birthday party to a small festival.  We have worked with many famous people from Stage and Television, and worked alongside other larger hire companies, providing just part of a solution as well as the whole system.
Our philosophy has always been to provide equipment and services that are both reliable and simple to use, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction over the past 18 years.
Telephone us or email us now to discuss your requirements.
We do not provide any free services for charitable organisations other than those we have current relationships with.  We will however discuss a discount if we feel it is cause worth supporting.